Give up all the other worlds, except the one to which you belong.  –David Whyte

I believe that you are beautiful and worthy, and that your life can reflect great love and joy.

I don’t believe that you need fixing. I believe you are enough. I would like to help you believe it too.

Let’s Begin
the sky's the limit

Letter to My Suicidal Clients

To the Warriors Lately, as you and I have sat in a room together, I’ve felt the breath of Death on the backs of our necks, so close I could have blinked and lost you. In my fear I’ve thought, someone else should be here with you. I don’t know enough of the right thing to be the one across from you, as your life hangs on a razor’s edge in the balance between us. It happens without you knowing it, unless … [Read More...] about Letter to My Suicidal Clients

I don’t want a happy life

I receive more than one weekly article in my inbox or news feed promising tips for living a happier life. Whether they come because happiness sells or people genuinely believe more happiness is right for us, as a mother, psychotherapist and human working hard on the being part, I want them to stop. Relentlessly telling us we’d be happier if we just … [Read More...] about I don’t want a happy life

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You are not alone. I invite you to share an authentic journey toward self-accceptance: my own. We’re in this together.